1. Each rider is responsible for his or her equipment, hydration, & nutrition.  We have donated food & supplies that you are welcome to while supplies last.


2. Riders may use multiple bikes during the event (but only 1 at a time).  Bikes must be in the same category the racer is registered in. It’s your responsibility to attach your timing # to the bike you’re riding should you choose to change bikes.  Additionally, a 24 SOLO Road or Slicks & Knobbies Racer may change bikes upon cresting the top of the hill going out of Palo Duro Canyon.  This must be done prior to exiting the gate and at one of the numerous pull-offs on the side of the road.


3. Drafting is not allowed on the 100-mile road loop but is permissible inside the canyon.


4. IPods/MP3 players are allowed (but discouraged).  Use these at your own risk.


5. All timing will be the responsibility of the timer, who will communicate with the respective race directors, & event director. Any protest / concern should be directed to the them. The timer will investigate for any necessary decisions or actions & consult with the Race Director.


6. Only laps completed by crossing the timing table will be counted.


7. This is a continuous clock event.  The time is always running whether you are riding or not.


8. Keep in mind that this is a cancer fundraising event, & that many of the riders on the road course are non-competitive with sometimes little to no experience in group or pack riding and/or little to no race experience… BE VERY CAREFUL.


9. The total number of laps completed at noon on Sunday will decide final placement for each category.  Should there be a tie in completed laps, the individual or team with the fastest time in completing those laps will be awarded ahead of the other. Only completed laps at 12:00 noon on Sunday will be counted.


10. Teams may utilize more than 1 rider on course at a time, but only 1 may accumulate official laps.


11. Riders may be assisted (mechanically – tube, air, etc…) by a team member, a rider from another team, or neutral support.  However, the rider who starts the lap must complete the lap.


12. SOLO timing chips will be on the back of your # plate (MTB) or attached to the seat post of your road bike. – Number plate must remain on your bike at all times.  If you change bikes, you must transfer your # plate.


13. MTB TEAM timing chip will be in a disposable strap for you to exchange with your teammates.  ROAD TEAMS will all have a number plate.


14. Teams MUST “exchange” riders in the designated exchange zone.  NO EXCEPTIONS!


15. From dusk until daylight, at least 1 lit white headlight & 1 lit red taillight are required for all riders on the road and trail courses.  If this is not followed, you will be asked to correct the situation &/or excluded from the course until lighting is proper & checked by race officials, or daylight becomes present.  Keep extra batteries at your camp. Neutral charging stations are available.


16. Racers are not required to have a support crew in the camp area.  However, all rider support crews that are present should utilize Juniper or Chinaberry/Soapberry areas.


17. Rider pit areas are available in Juniper (ROAD) & Chinaberry/Soapberry (MTB) parking lots & are first come first serve.  Solo Road riders may set up pit area along the road near Juniper but must be off of the road. Additionally, when a rider stops at their pit, they must not impede other riders.


18. Crew manned vehicles are strictly forbidden to direct follow or aid their road racer on the 100-mile road loop.  They may meet their rider(s) at the designated rest stops on the 100-mile road loop & provide any aid or service there. No crew vehicle may assist riders on the 5-mile loop inside the canyon.


19.  If a 24 SOLO Road or Slicks & Knobbies racer does not make it to Rest Stop #4 (Arney) by 4:30pm, he/she will be pulled from the course by a 24:00 support vehicle & returned to Palo Duro Canyon & be reported as DNF.  He/she may continue to ride inside PDC, but not competitively.


20. Event organizers will have support vehicles moving around the course at random intervals.  Racers may not use these to advance forward on course. If you/your bike are carried back to the campground by one of these vehicles, you must check-in at timing.  You’ll then be taken back to the spot where you were to allow your lap to continue. Any penalties will be the Race Director’s discretion.


21. This event is a physical & mental challenge pitting individuals against the clock…cheating of any kind will be greeted with an IMMEDIATE DQ!!


22. Racers may not change classes or categories once the event has started.  Once registration closes, it is the Event Director’s discretion to allow changes to team members or categories.  Riders may continue to ride on either course if they withdraw from competition once they surrender their timing device to the timers.


23. Competitive racers who receive IV therapy by Staff Medical Team, will not be allowed to continue the event.


24. Please SLOW DOWN in the timing & pit areas – This is a Neutral Area & there will be people milling around.


25. TOP 3 finishers will receive trophies based on their respective class & finish position.
Additionally, an Overall winner for 24, 12, 6 Hours Male/Female will be awarded for Road & MTB winners.


26. Please stay for awards to be given out at 1:00pm following the event. Should you leave, you will be responsible for postage cost to cover the mailing of your trophy.


27. If you DNF, please communicate your withdrawal from the race to the timers.


28. Please remember this is a charity event.

Racing and Scoring Rules