1. The Race Directors have the right to alter any rule, at any time, for any reason, to facilitate the safety of all participants. The Directors’ decisions on all rules will be final.


2. While riding at any point during the weekend, wearing an approved helmet is required.


3. There are wild animals in the Canyon! Be alert (especially at night) for critters.


4. These courses are in a Texas State Park, as well as open roads, which are open to the public, so expect to encounter cars, trucks, large RVs, tourists, bikers, hikers, cows, & horseback riders who do not know there is a race in progress. Please be courteous, as we are all sharing the use of this public land.


5. All traffic laws are to be obeyed. Riders are to ride in the right lane only.


6. We may find the need to stop the event temporarily. This will be a call made by the 2 Race Directors & the Event Director. This is an area that is susceptible to flash flooding during any rainstorm, so be aware. ALL water crossings may be un-passable if heavy rain occurs. If this were to happen, get to high ground & wait for assistance to arrive.


7. In the event that the event needs to be stopped (temporarily or for an extended period of time), riders will be allowed to complete the lap they are on. No rider will be allowed to start a new lap once the decision is made to stop or pause the event.


8. Both the Non-Competitive & 24 Hour Competitive racers will begin promptly at noon on Saturday in the Mack Dick Pavilion. The 12 Hour Competitive Racers begin at midnight, & the 6 Hour racers begin at 6:00am on Sunday – both in the Juniper Campground. All events end at noon on Sunday. Awards for all racers will be given out promptly in the campground where your timing took place.


9. Have Fun!


10. Be Nice!

General Race Rules