24 Hours In the Canyon 101

“Sarah has participated in every different category of 24 Hours in the Canyon.  She’s the perfect person to introduce you to this unique event while providing you tips and strategies so that you are successful and have an enjoyable weekend.”

Ryan Parnell – Event Director


This class will only focus on Mountain Bike skills


– When you register for this class, you will receive a discount code to register as a non-competitive participant in 24 Hours in the Canyon at no charge.


– If you would rather participate as a competitive racer, your discount code will deduct $50 from that fee.


– If you have already registered for 24 Hours in the Canyon, you will be reimbursed $50.

24 Hours In The Canyon – 101

Course Syllabus


4/7/21 — Week 1:

Welcome / Introduction

Base Building Essentials

Heart Rate Monitoring / Management  / Rating of Perceived Exertion



4/14/21 — Week 2:

Basic Strength for Cycling

Mobility & Flexibility for Cycling


4/28/21 — Week 3:

Bike Preparation & Equipment

Fueling for the Event


5/12/21 — Week 4:

Trail / Road Etiquette

Pit Essentials


5/19/21 or 5/22/21 — Week 5:

Pre Ride MTB Loop

Trail Markings

Strategy / Planning

Lights / Night Riding


5/26/21 — Week 6:

Pre Ride MTB Loop

Strategy / Planning

Lights / Night Riding


6/2/21 — Week 7:

Packet Pick Up